Thank you Dawn. It's so important to get these stories straight!

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Could there not be another reason that "out of the blue" all of these articles are popping up regards "Strep A" and the unfortunate deaths of the poor children ? - as a side note, do we know what the normal death rate figures are ?) .... and that being - yet another cover up for the adverse reactions happening, due to the jabs - not just the reduced immunity ?.

As always they throw in an example of somebody that is not, or could not have been jabbed like a 4 year old or somebody that has "had the symptoms since before the jabs, but as far as I know, the UK wants to or is jabbing 5-11 year old's ... and then voila. BUT PLEASE CHECK WHAT THE LATEST IS.



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Ya’ll seem to forget: these younger generations are pretty disconnected from one another are addicted to the cell phone( as my young relatives could not even DANCE at a wedding without holding their phone)

They are gullible and easily re-directed with no common sense.

A simple gargle every day with diluted H2O2/ a drop ( full strength) in each ear…

But we are preaching to the choir…

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