I've noticed that disruptors are in many big groups I've been in.

Narcissists and sociopaths like to feed on big groups' power.

It's good that people are getting educated about pathological behavior.

We see it all over media and in politics as their mask is slipping.

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What a powerful event! Wish I could have attended. I was charmed to see that a flower essence company I have recently come to know, Lotuswei, was also there offering their wares. The circles of us doing different things in the same energy and purpose are intersecting more and more! This is so hopeful. Thank you, Dawn, for being a part of the core of this movement and sharing your perspective. The efforts you describe to keep people apart and not to participate in events like this is definitely evidence that coming together in love, respect and mutual deepening and learning is what "they" most want us NOT to do. And they are powerless against the love and connection!

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