I've read a lot about common law and it's refreshing because it follows basic English and common sense.

I just am confused as to how it can even be used, if the courts ignore it or deny it.

Also it is ignored by enforcement, as they follow the law based on what the courts say, which is not according to common law.


Maybe I'm missing something here, but where has common law actually worked with our society? Who judges for it and who enforces it?

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Oct 2, 2023Liked by Dawn Lester

Love is the law for mankind.

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I highly recommended a book titled Vaccination Proved Useless & Dangerous from forty- five years of registration statistics by Alfred R Wallace

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hi Dawn i thought it of interset to your post i am sitting here reading the front page of the USA Today ((( Monday Octiber 2 2023 )))) newspaper and it says (((( Massive National Alert Test This Week Signal to go out on every tv radio and cellphone )))))))))) if thats not freaky enough on the 3rd paragrgh its says No its not a national conspiracy to infect people with nanoparticles---------- I am not makeing this up

thats what it says

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