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Yes the false narrative is full of contradictions all the time. People choosing fear do not even seem to notice as they are not awake .

. The media narrative is one of keeping people in fear and ignorance as you well know.

Before the convid19 psyop it was said that the rna (that was computer generated into an imaginary string =to be called a "virus") " corona" was routinely found up the nose of healthy people. But even what they had once said was utterly reversed .

Like what they told people about "antibodies" when they dont even know what having them means 1) you were previously "infected" and are now immune or 2) you are "infected" . But they say this utterly contradictory statement when having antibodies provides no proof of being " infected" with anything whatsoever. There are no "covid" antibodies.

People believing this media spread nonsense and killing birds is another example of how people in the grip of fear are totally insane. Fear makes for wrong action, it how problems are made.

Fear -submission- control.

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Great article, Dawn, and very clear as in all your talks! Regarding your question:

Are they suggesting that ‘norovirus’ is connected to ‘climate change’?

My personal opinion is that every opportunity they have to connect anything with "climate change " they will. 

As we know, there is no such thing as climate change. In this talk from 2015, Ivar Giaever explained the situation in detail:


What we do have is geoengineering. And maybe "climate change" , "climate warming", or whatever they will call it is just a coverup for the effects of geoengineering and chemtrails, but they will present the cause as the solution, as with vaccines, the other way around...

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Regarding birds... I understand the pattern of creating a crisis out of nothing (problem - reaction - solution), but in this case there's enough evidence of a genuine emergency. But it's microwaves not 'viruses'. An effective way to cover up a real health crisis is with a fake health crisis.

Birds are now routinely dropping out of the skies (all over the industrialised world) by the hundreds, thousands or even millions. It's so prevalent the media is forced to report on this and they often suggest 'bird flu' is the cause. But even if 'viruses' were real the 'flu' explanation would still make no sense because birds coming down with the flu would not drop dead out of the sky in mid flight! They would land and spend a few days on the ground or up a tree. If they didn't get better again they would eventually starve to death or get eaten by a fox (too weak to fly off).

Note how Channel Four tries to normalise / trivialise the issue. It's newsworthy, but also perfectly normal .... it's the new normal. And if you show any concern for this ecological catastrophe, well, that makes you a 'conspiracy theorist' or a Bible bashing ignoramus (these are actually veiled threats of social ostracism). They note that the birds died of 'shock' but the 'science correspondent' won't consider electromagnetic shock which is the most plausible explanation.


In this report they suggest bird flu is causing vultures to drop out of the sky in mid flight. They admit the vultures are only dropping within sight of a water tower. They fail to mention there's a bloody great big cell tower right next to the water tower. They accidentally included a shot of it in the final edit. It's at 1min 14secs. Blink and you miss it. The newish looking electrical sheds at the bottom of the old tower suggest a recent upgrade.


I'm all for reducing the fear mongering. And there is much fear mongering (and unhelpful speculation) around wireless tech which makes it hard to navigate the subject. That's why I like to stick to the basics (cell tower + bird = dead bird) and let people know how happy and content it makes me feel to not be a wireless gadget addict who is destroying our precious natural world :)

I think keeping the moral high ground is the way to win this. Even virtue signalling is a powerful tool we should not be afraid to use.

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Thank you Dawn, for this wonderful dissertation on several 'Diseases' and your sane 'facts not fiction' approach.

I would add to the Syphilis section that it's original name in the medical historical literature was "The Great Pretender" and was almost always enlisted as the 'Diagnosis' for any groups of 'symptoms' for which the Doctors could not fathom a cause. It was their rug to brush under their lack of knowledge.

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Thank you for continuing to add common sense and clarity to the incessant barrage of ridiculous propaganda.

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Another fantastic reminder! I will share this, as well as a link to your fine book.

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The same things that are making people sick are making the earth sick as well="climate change". Earth changes would be a better description.

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And the biggest killer - something that kills 460 people every day in the UK - heart disease - is ignored.

All is class war. Ruling class against the proletariat.

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I don't think this is about stopping people eating dead chickens and their eggs, though I'm hoping the attention of farming animals for food will have that effect, it's about making more money from the tax payer and consumer by the giants behind the narrative- the animal ag and pharma industries https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/increasing-the-price-and-demand-for


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