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Tireless work, isn't it Dawn!

Thank you for the time you put in to shine the light on the truth. It seems so obvious, and it is, but the indoctrinated cannot, or will not, see.

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Many on the side of "Freedom" or "Truth" don't realize yet how powerful beliefs like Terrain Theory can be towards combating the establishment.

It's bringing about the greatest amount of change with the least amount of effort.

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YES! I just read Mike Stone's exchange with Sky. As Bugs bunny would say: "What a Moroon!"

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Thank you for your tenacity Dawn.

I feel " they" have overplayed their hand this time and the majority of people will not go along with the next fake virus nonsense. I do however still see many people living in fear. Maybe the tide is about to turn! Here's hoping.

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That is exactly how I feel now. The fear has been removed about illnesses. I haven't had so much as a sniffle for three years.

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Chris Sky is calling team no-virus a psy-op now? Isnt he the guy who tried to challenge the existence of SARS-COV2 in court (I think it was in Canada?) in an attempt to get his legal fines/tickets dropped for not masking??? Or am I getting him confused with someone else?

I feel like I distinctly remember him talking about issues with isolation back in 2020/2021. Maybe he didn't explain or convey it 100% accurately, but still an important conversation - especially with a large audience who may become interested in digging deeper into germ falsities.

Now he is doing a 180, and has the audacity to call team no-virus a PSY-OP!?!?!? 😂 good lord, these people are not living in reality.

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Well said. It is tiresome to repeat the truth to the extremely dim or perversely persistent but it must be done.

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A good debate between Virus vs No-Virus has yet to take place. There are actually a couple of debates needed beforehand >>

#1-- Do you believe it is possible to invent such a fraud as Germ Theory and for people to profit from it?

#2-- Are Koch's Postulates still relevant even though they were "invented" in the 1800s?

#3 -- Has the US/UK Government ever lied to its citizens?

If the debater doesn't believe such a fraud could be invented and that people could profit from it, then there's no point in debating the Germ Theory Fraud.

If the debater doesn't believe Koch's Postulates are still relevant, then no Germ Theory Fraud debate can take place.

If the debater doesn't believe the Governments lie to their citizens, then there is no point in debating the Germ Theory Fraud.

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Thank you Dawn. You continue to apply common sense and courageously question the dogma. God bless you 🙏🏼

While a few may have come around, most haven’t. The ones pushing viruses but against the clot clots seem to have hardened. They are emotionally bonded with the likes of RFK, Jr. are refuse to question his stance on Israel.

There’s so much confusion in most of the population. Your words are an antidote for me.

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For over 30 years I've used people's acceptance of global warming 'theories' as an indication of their closed-mindedness and the quality of their thinking generally. More recently I've added virus 'theory' as another indicator. Note: this is just a personal belief - beating people over the head with it never works.

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I'm of the opinion that there was NO virus, it was never really proven (let alone all the other viruses in history), the reports of hospitals being crowded w/ deathly ill patients was largely hyperbole (some nurses have come forward to admit this), news media (aka the enemedia) helped blow this all out of proportion with their non-stop repetitive content propaganda fed by govt officials, NGOs, medical professionals(?), celebrities, etc., who were all paid off and/or incentivized to tow the party line. And what better way to seize the public's imagination (as has always been done in the past) through an invisible enemy. This was all a total mind f*ck of humanity and an overarching attempt to--not only control us--but wipe us off the planet in an economic move to steal/preserve the wealth of the rich. (rant over!)

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Our current medical system cannot recognize that any disease can be caused by an absence of healthiness and therefore cured with healthiness. No current medical reference documents a cure for scurvy. The cure is not a patent medicine that kills an invisible germ, so it doesn't count. There is little difference between the virus theories and the theories of witch doctors sticking needles into dolls.

To your health, Tracy

Author: A New Theory of Cure

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