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It's very encouraging to hear of another example of healthy growing and farming, thank you.

I wish not to be negative but to highlight what in reality i think we're up against. We haven't arrived at this point of ill health free market agriculture randomly but by design, primarily via public health, grant and subsidy structures. Most of the poisons that were used to kill on the battlefield during active war were intentionally put into herbicides, pesticides and fungicides at lower doses with the specific intention of killing you and the soil passively slowly over time. I think it important for people to wrap they're heads around the magnitude of the long term scam regarding food, agriculture, what constitutes good health and how it dovetails into other areas like municipal water supplies back to The Enclosure Act of 1801 and beyond, this goes deep. I expect to see much opposition from the highest levels to any sort of agrarian renaissance healing the nation but do think this is one battle we must win if we wish to be healthy.

Thank you, bless you.

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I tried to get many microbiologists interested in the topic of what happens when we drop poison on the soil, answering one of the many problems in Apartheid New Zealand "Kauri die back " . A problem that the govt threw millions at and when giving them a solution to it I just got stonewalled (because I am not a microbiologist and persona non grata haha).

How does 1080 kill the soil;

The Insects that 1080 kill normally aerate the soil and dig tunnels that provide channels for water.

So it becomes "dead" soil, water logged full of the fungus-like Phytophthora agathidicida.

1080 causes Kauri die back.

You can follow the timeline in all cases of kauri die back in NZ to the 3x recommended amounts of 1080 drops .

1080 is dropped killing the insects, microbes and life in soil without the life and oxygen it increases the water leading to die back .

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Inspiring report Dawn. You look invigorated after time on that farm. Are you going back in Spring 2024? Maybe your followers might be interested in joining you. Did you manage to avoid the jag?

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