Looking forward to it Dawn. Funny, initially, I thought "the end of covid" referred to nonsense put on by TPTB and when I saw 88 I thought oh yeah that'd be right. But it's just an innocent 88, unless, of course, there's some infiltration pushing for their masonic numbers - we certainly cannot rule that out. I cannot look at 11 and its multiples without being suspicious :).

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Hopefully this is not giving up like what happened with HIV and keep silent until 40 later

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You still don't understand ..

'COVID' was never about health. It's a trojan horse for the ruling class to accelerate their class war against us. You can look away all you want, but as long as there's a ruling class there will be 'COVID'.

COVID = class war. Choose your side.

EU/WHO are planning a global COVID vaccine passports system:



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I am looking forward to it! I hope for the screen-challenged old-fashioned people like myself that the sessions will someday be transcribed. But it’s a big project already.

A small suggestion: Add an “of” before “all the other nonsense” to avoid the misreading, which I had done, that the End of COVID (the series) is numbered among the nonsense.

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