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Their end goal is to label everyone disobeying mandates with oppositional defiant disorder. I don’t care what they say, I won’t take orders from known liars. Having served honorably in the military, I saw how easy it was to be labeled “defiant.” It doesn’t need to be true, just asserted by someone appointed over you. They’re paving the way to assigning ICD codes by Administrators.

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They drive people crazy, and then ... offer help for mental health problems. Hmm!!!

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Their program/meme " its normal to be in a state of fear" when it is not a normal state for human beings to be in constant stress( which is fear) . Love is our natural state that we have forgotten. And seeing each other as a threat was another convid mind program . You could even say "covid" was fear. Chronic fear( stress) impairs brain function as it blocks access to reasoning. Now, where I am, its still a constant media feed of alarmist programming about weather , its not just a normal windy day its " extreme" this is mixed in with the war propaganda . There is a obsession with the climate where convid use to be. Humanity's increased collective insanity(from fear) looks like "cognitive decline" . And the media spreads it.

Alzheimer's is another made up disease ( label) where people with badly impaired brain function/obvious madness are labelled with it and yet without having "plaques and tangles" . People with dementia are told( nocebo) it will progress to Alzheimer's and they are put on lots of drugs which then in turn seems to be a self full-filling prophecy.

Its never been more important than staying in the present moment and spreading love (like butter on a dry piece of hot toast). Pointing to the wisdom and Self knowledge that is within all , when we know who we are beyond mind and form negates all fear mind programming, so remembering source is essential.

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The UK Column did a piece a while back about how the NHS are planning to set up mini surgeries on every high street focusing mostly on 1) vax deployment 2) mental health.

My takeaway was that resistance to lockdowns, 15 min cities, boosters, poverty, surveillance will be pathologised and medicated. All in the name of 'community healthcare'. Then there's the vax, constant fear porn, EMF and huge social changes which are causing total brain collapse, like you say.

Thinking about mental health made me realise a characteristic of those who are 'awake' and able to face the facts head on is that they have a grip on their emotions ('a stiff upper lip') and have often faced some kind of adversity in the past.

The 'normies' who still refuse to face reality (even as it hits them in the face with a shovel) tend to be less emotionally secure and grounded. More and more I feel the only way out of this is to create a more welcoming, caring, appealing alternative to the official crisis/ fear based narratives, so that the normies WANT to actually come over to our side ... like taking shelter out of the wind and rain.

The 'hit them with hard facts' approach is not going to work on these people. People who respond well to that are already awake by now. We need to think of the normies as mentally fragile and emotionally traumatised and offer them cups of tea and hot soup, so to speak (or maybe literally!). Because whichever side the normies decide offers them the most safety and security ....... that's the side that wins this. If every high street had a drop in centre with tea, soup an open fire and a 'Dawn and David' on hand to chat with, it would be game over for team poison :)

What the healthcare system will offer people is a way to suppress the mental/ emotional collapse everyone is now on the verge of... and what we need to do is SUPPORT people so they can go through that and experience it as a release, a catharsis, a detox.

It's all so fractal.

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I think it was Eric Coppolino the other day, on some radio conversation, that mentioned that psychogenic disease is in some official document as a national security concern, or something like that. Meaning, it's a real thing. Here in Brazil I saw many people getting the exact symptoms described by the WHO as "COVID", the white spots in the lungs, everyone saying "it was not normal, I never saw anything like it" etc etc, and I wondered. How is that possible if it was not real? Well, psychogenic explains it, I guess. People develop the symptoms and confirm the hoax, or "make it real". It's diabolical.

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This moving of the goal post in terms of what is mental health, along with some studies I've seen regarding non-invasive physiological monitoring, various ways to use frequencies/light to, "enhance" brain function, and bio sensors make me think that the future is going to be more of a wild ride than what I initially thought.

Create the problem and bring about greater control.

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Very good. I would say once we get rid of organisations like the WHO and the industrial medical complex in general, we will be able to see what problems remain. I reckon not nearly as many.

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You had me on the edge of my seat Dawn, waiting for EMFs to be mentioned and thank goodness they were eventually thank you.

There are of course many forms of non-native EMF that can adversely affect us. The ones we know of (in our crude knowledge of frequencies) are low frequency magnetic fields, then electric, then high frequency radiofrequency/microwave, plus there are high voltage transients also called microsurges or harmonics or "dirty electricity" DE from "bad" wiring. Most people have no idea what they are being exposed to or that you need a range of meters to measure the various frequencies and make them "visible". Very often sitting in an office for example you might be being exposed to all 4 types, which covers a very wide electromagnetic spectrum.

People tend to initially become sensitised to certain frequencies but this tends to broaden if exposure to aggravating frequencies are ignored. This often happens as EMFs seem to be the last thing people think of when they get symptoms because of how information about the potential harm has been so rigorously suppressed by various industries and powers that shouldn't be that enable them.

I could write a book about my EMF health effects experiences over 40+ years but sadly my brain now only works at about 50% of its previous ability and my book will likely go unwritten because of that and fairly severe chronic fatigue. I experience what has many names but is most commonly called electrohypersensitivity or electrical illness. Some people might say they have microwave sickness, if they believe they are just affected by wireless technology but I have experienced the effects of pretty much the whole spectrum. I have accumulated a range of meters that can measure pretty much the whole gambit, up to 10GHz, although I don't own a spectrum analyser so can't determine exact frequencies, just which range.

Different frequencies and modulations produce different symptoms and as Dawn said it also depends a lot on the individual's make up or "terrain". There seems to be a huge link, not surprisingly, with heavy metals and EMFs. Mercury seems to be a huge factor for many, including myself. We can get mercury from many sources, starting in the womb, especially if mother has amalgam fillings for example. It crosses the placenta. It also goes into breast milk. Then it is or was in various vaccinations. It can also come from air pollution.

I spent many years casually studying mercury toxicity, then EMFs, in an effort to get on top of my various and developing toxicity issues. They are both huge topics with a lot of cross-over. I also did a few years of formal study for naturopathy, herbal medicine, and homeopathy.

I think how EMFs can affect the brain is way under-rated by most. Digital dementia is definitely a thing. I haven't got the time or energy to list all the experiences I have had that I could attribute mostly to an EMF exposure but if you look at lists of symptoms I've experienced most of them at some stage either acutely or chronically. And you don't need "high levels" of exposure to be affected either. I've got to know a lot of ES/EHS people over the years. No "syndrome" is the same. Some people might just get headaches/migraines, others fatigue, seizures, heart issues, tinnitus, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, and all the things Dawn wrote about.

Please don't under-estimate the range of issues that can be caused, all the way up to cancer. I had experience with that via my mother who was found to have 4 primary brain tumours of a type associated with microwave radiation. She was dead within about 2 weeks of diagnosis. She had a few various and fairly vague "mental health" issues in the months leading up. It depends what part of the brain is affected as to the symptoms. Mum had tumours in all 4 quadrants but the ones located just above and behind each ear pointed to a relationship with her early-model cordless phone. She might have lasted a few years with those tumours but she also had one in her brain stem, as well as her frontal lobe. She lost her swallow from the brain stem one. She didn't get diagnosed until she lost her swallow.

I did not mean to go on so long. Thank you for reading if you got this far. There is an absolute mountain of research available on EMFs. I own around 35 books on the topic and many videos either documentaries or lectures, interviews etc. There are also many great websites. I will just share one page that I think has a good section on the topic of the day. https://mdsafetech.org/neurodegeneration/

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“The idea that people with mental health conditions may not experience ‘lower levels of mental well-being’ strikes me as rather incongruous; especially when mental well-being is part of the definition of mental health. I suspect that this last sentence may permit a situation in which a person could be diagnosed with a ‘mental health problem’ when there is nothing wrong with them; a worrying situation indeed!”

This immediately made me think of how dissidents were diagnosed with “sluggish schizophrenia” in the Soviet Union back in the day. The perfect way to discredit someone and an excuse to lock them up and/or force them to take medication.

I feel like we already saw this making a combat during convid as well where dissidents got arrested and forced into mental health institutions and forced to take medications.

I fear that it’ll only get worse.

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I think that having more people wake up to it will be the best defence at this stage.

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As evil as their pandemic scam was, if you read the recently published 'The Great Taking' by David Rogers Webb, you'll see that it was partly a distraction from the bigger agenda that is now imminent. The pdf of the book can be downloaded free from his website https://thegreattaking.com/

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As rap music changed into gangsta rap and privately run prisons started filling up with wannabe gangstas copying what they were hearing and seeing, could not the “truth movement” be deliberately revealing things that will make it increasingly more difficult (for people that take on the information) to live in this world without being eventually seen as mentally ill... I’m finding hard to trust anything.

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He mentions JFK and the assassination in passing. No quotes that I could find. How and why is that a red flag?

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"These factors will more than likely include exposures to neurotoxic substances and exposures to high or prolonged levels of non-native EMFs," ---

And your source for your conclusion? Do you have some hard science to back that up? Controlled studies adhering to the Scientific Method? And if not, then how is your conclusion any different from any other form of fear-porn?

Are there people diagnosed with dementia who have not been exposed to neurotoxins and non-native EMFs?

If you don't know, then say you don't know. There's no shame in that. It seems egregious to say you don't know but then offer possible causes that you have no solid evidence to support. Why bother? Why feel the need to fill in the blank as if it can't be left alone?

Do you honestly think this so-called life is a big Easter Egg Hunt for irrefutable truths that withstand robust scrutiny?

I know well the desire to want to be a detective and figure out causes & effects and help people to protect themselves, but are we actually helping anyone by speculating on causes we have no reliable proof to back up?

Looking at the anti-EMF studies, of which Proton Magic provided me with, I see loads of correlations presented as if they are convincing causations. I don't see any long term studies where an entire community was studied from Point Zero at the time of the introduction of EMF to the community, and I don't see any collated lists of strange symptoms that could not have been caused by something other than EMF.

You need 2 communities >> One with freshly installed EMF, and one with NO EMF in the environment. Collect data for at least a year >> collect all reported illnesses, diseases, conditions, and symptoms, and see how many of those cases could not have been caused by anything other than EMF.

Can symptoms attributed to EMF be caused by any other factors? Then how can you be sure it was EMF?

Some of the studies involved questionnaires/surveys which could have influenced the volunteers and how they reported any symptoms during the study.

I don't see any hard science in the EMF studies. I see lots of familiar chicanery involving microscopes & test tubes & scanning images. I see studies that seem to have been started by people already convinced EMF was the cause of symptoms. I see lots of flashy technology used to measure this & that -- lots of epidemiological observations, but I don't see any true studies showing clearly a cause & effect.

The reason I challenge the EMF issue is because I live in a populated area with 5G & WiFi and do not suffer from any strange symptoms -- or any symptoms at all. Nor do I know anyone who is suffering from strange, unexplainable symptoms.

What most of you find unimaginably difficult to grasp is the obvious fact that this so-called life is tricky & mysterious -- and there will come at least one time in everyone's life when they will suffer a symptom that they cannot find the cause of. There will come a time when they suffer a symptom and take something to suppress it, and it will work -- and then down the road they will suffer the same symptom again and take the same suppressor as before, and it won't work. And vice versa.

EMFs may indeed cause some people some problems, just as chimney smoke causes some people problems, just as some certain odors cause some people problems, and ditto for sounds & vibrations & lights. But for the most part, those things don't cause most people any problems -- at least not discernibly so.

What if the cause of ALL problems has been predetermined? What if it is literally impossible to escape your fate of symptoms? We often say, "When it's your time to go, you gotta go" >> and what if when it's your time to be ill, you gotta be ill?

We can only ever do what occurs to us here & now, and we can only work with what is immediately available to use in the here & now. We cannot control what occurs to us, and we cannot control what is immediately available to use here & now.

This so-called life has more than likely been predetermined by each of us as eternal spirits, and yet, the nature of this "reality" is that we have to live it as though we are making it up as we go along. With that in mind, it seems more prudent to error on the side of under-reacting to a symptom rather than over-reacting to it. By my observation, more people die from over-reacting than under-reacting. Chemotherapy & radiation treatments seem to kill more people than the disease they were supposed to eliminate. And yet, plenty of people survive the treatments, and plenty of people don't. It's tricky. It's mysterious.

The upshot>> Everyone's life plays out perfectly. There are no wrongful deaths. It all ends in tears for most of us. Most doctors will die from an illness or disease that they supposedly knew how to protect themselves from. What matters most is not WHAT happens, but HOW we react to it.

It's nothing personal, Dawn. I am challenging many people who promote EMF as a cause for inexplicable symptoms. Many people cling to EMF as a cause of symptoms, just as they cling to other outside causes of their symptoms, rather than look to their own diets & lifestyles & psychological weather -- and consumption of synthetic chemicals (including vitamin pills & supplements).

But the bottom line is >> It's mostly a guessing game regarding causes, and a gamble when it comes to remedies. It's always been this way. When would it suddenly change from a subjective dream of unique factors & configurations into a so-called stable reality of objective truths & facts that can be depended on?

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