The 'coronavirus' has been an absolute godsend for Big Industry, providing the perfect cover for the effects of wireless pollution as well as vaccines, and even covering for the psychological/ emotional/ spiritual damage caused by the 'new normal' of lockdowns and digital isolation.

We are now in the era of full spectrum gaslighting on all matters related to health. I've seen a mainstream media feature on 'long covid' where sufferers of brain fog and chronic fatigue are treated by strapping a wireless VR headset onto their heads and having them do 'virtual archery' or some such nonsense. Why not give them another vaccine as well! (I'm sure they are working on one).

In a BBC doc about 'long covid' (Surviving the Virus: My Brother and Me) the 'long covid' sufferer (who is also a BBC presenter) has all the classic symptoms of EMF poisoning, including heart arrhythmia. His treatment is to have his heart stopped and then electrocuted back to life by the NHS (spoiler alert: it does not cure him).

The NHS are obviously aware that the heart is governed by electricity, yet they won't consider the possibility that EMF pollution (which converts to unnaturally high electrical voltages when absorbed by the body) might possibly have an effect on heart function. The specialist even admits on camera that he really has no idea what has caused the arrhythmia, but then the BBC voiceover immediately assures the viewer it's probably 'covid'.

Gaslighting is becoming the very fabric of our 'post-covid' reality. Our main scientific discourse now revolves around superstitions like 'covid' and 'contagion' and 'pandemics' which have no more of a scientific basis than 'volcano spirits' or 'angry sky gods punishing us with lightening bolts'.

I don't know why but this makes me feel hugely optimistic. We are social creatures and we hate to challenge 'authority' ..... but silly superstitions are much more impersonal and abstract and just, well, silly. And when these silly superstitions are exposed as such, the entire technocratic class and their toxic industries will crumble of their own accord and with little fuss (or warning) just like a cliffside slumping into the sea.

We are the little waves of good sense, slapping at the base of the cliff relentlessly :)

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For ANYONE to be extremely angry about the results of the PLANDEMIC, is by no means mental illness. It's a normal reaction to attempted Genocide. As one who opted to be a Control subject rather than a Guinea Pig, I am angry about Crimes Against Humanity that destroyed our economy again. That shit is a direct result of APEC. For those who are ignorant, APEC is the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation treaty which has fed Communist China for profit while American Manufacturers go hungry.

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Many thanks for your post Dawn, very good. I think it would be difficult to say which was worse, the BBC or the NHS. At least the BBC wasn't responsible for misdiagnosing me in 2020.

Re these quotes:

"But scientists think people who haven't had Covid are also suffering increased tiredness, impaired decision-making and a lack of focus due to the pandemic."

I have a quibble about 'thinking' scientists whoever they may be. Any scientist worth their salt could do better than say such a silly thing.

“Scientists think regular changes in lockdown rules, travel restrictions, worries about getting the virus and limited face-to-face contact with others has affected some people's brain health.”

Well hardly surprising although as I keep saying people didn't have to follow the guidance which it was, not rules.


In any event anybody who thinks (I use the term advisedly) that following stupid diktats from the government is bound to be suffering from mental issues.

"Although there is no cure for dementia at the moment..."

There is, it's called not having vaccines and big pharma drugs for a start, let alone other things.

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Lots of people did stop thinking. But that's been across all age groups. :-)

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Its drugs into bodies, the same old story. The NHS/government say that we care, but they do not care in any sense. They are pathological liars. My mother was taken into Fairfield hospital, and they murdered her in that place. It resembled a lunatic assylum.

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They cause all the problems then shift the blame to an invisible so-called virus they invented. And once a person is 50 they push you into your elderly years. Here in the United States when you’re 50 you begin receiving AARP newsletters.

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Thank you.

When government policy destroys a family, the family have recourse .

Their policies destroyed families.

Hang the policy makers by the right ankle in public,

Until they are dead

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